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  What Makes Pioneer Steel Buildings Waterproof?

The entire reason for shelters and storage is to protect what is inside the structure from the elements. Whether you are storing your RV or your workshop tools, a metal building from Pioneer Steel Buildings has got you covered!

Galvalume PLUS™ Panels

Exploded view of Galvalume PlusGalvalume PLUS™ is a protected alloy that is factory warrantied for 40 years against corrosion. One of the biggest contributors to metal building failure is corrosion, metal panels can rust through, leaving holes around fastening bolts, corners and anywhere else water accumulates. Galvalume PLUS™ eliminates that worry, helping Pioneer Steel Buildings to be some of the most waterproof structures on the market. Your steel building and its contents will be safe for decades, and worry free!

The panels themselves overlap by 9 inches and the arches by 3 inches, giving plenty of protection to the seams, where corrosion starts. Still not convinced? Keep reading.

Specially Engineered Fasteners

Close up of a bolt used in constructionOur bolts are exclusive Leland JS1000™ plated, which exceeds 1000 hours of salt spray testing. For costal climates, we offer a 1500-hour test bolt so you can rest assured that your metal building will withstand the elements.

The JS1000 plating is non-toxic, FDA approved food grade material, which meets the stringent US and European standards for toxicity in plating. So not only are our bolts durable, but they are safe for you, your family, and the environment!

Optional Caulking Strips

A roll of panel caulkingIf you are still worried about how watertight our steel structures are, we have a solution for you. Our optional wax backed caulking strips offer additional peace of mind over and above the superior metal and engineering of our Pioneer Steel steel buildings.

The strips are made from high quality butyl rubber, which keeps its elasticity and consistency in a variety of environments, from extreme cold to blistering heat. The strips are easy to apply, durable, and specifically crafted for your Pioneer Steel Building project.

Look No Further for Waterproof Steel Buildings

We are Canadian, so we know weather fluctuations, and we have engineered our steel buildings to withstand anything, including water. From the metal used to create the panels to extra waterproofing for peace of mind, when it comes time to build a waterproof building, think steel, think Pioneer Steel.

What Makes Pioneer Steel Buildings Waterproof?