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Consider building a workspace on your property? We have the perfect solution for you, a fully customized metal building from Pioneer Steel. We have models that will suit any budget and size, or you can work directly with one of our dealer partners to create that one-of-a-kind space your business deserves.

Our buildings are durable enough to withstand the harshest climates. Galvalume Plus™ panels are guaranteed to withstand 40 years of exposure without corrosion and temperatures up to 600°F without even discolouring. Pioneer Steel buildings are easy to insulate, climate control, and install utilities like electricity, ventilation, and plumbing.

Built with 100% useable space in mind, you can customize your building to your exact needs with storage, production areas, and even a storefront. Regardless of your business needs, we have you covered.

Pioneer Steel buildings are great for:

  • Bakers and Caterers – heat and moisture resistance make a well insulated steel building an ideal space for a bakery. Building a storefront is as simple as framing inside the building
  • Cabinet Makers – you will love how easy it is to install organizational aids and storage, as well as custom ventilation, vacuum systems, and power supply for your tools
  • Metal Fabricators – Your workshop will be fire resistant, great for sparks and the high temperatures of torched metal.
  • Handcrafters – Give yourself enough space to create and sell whatever you make without taking up space inside your house.
  • Online Sellers – Custom, climate-controlled storage will free up space in your home and keep your inventory safe and clean, away from pets or kids.
  • And many more!

Regardless of your business idea, we have a solution to house it. Take a look at our gallery for some inspiration or contact one of our dealer partners for advice and pricing information. Every Pioneer Steel building is fully customizable to your business, so choose the model that fits your style, and we will make it work for you.