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When most people think about a steel building, they think bare-bones function. Steel buildings are great for commercial applications, industry, and many other uses, but they can also provide a perfect recreational space for you and your family! Whether you need shelter from the elements for a hobby, or a place where you can escape and relax, Pioneer Steel has a metal building that will suit your needs. Here are 5 fun, recreational uses for your next Pioneer Steel building project.

1. She-Shed/Meditation Room

Moving your personal space out of your home gives you another layer of privacy, not to mention free reign to decorate however you like. Our buildings are fully customizable, you can add windows, doors, and even your own end wall cladding. Though the fine spangle and resistance to corrosion keeps the metal looking gorgeous for decades, Galvalume Plus™ takes paint very well too.

Our steel buildings don’t rely on studs and trusses for stability, so you aren’t limited by electrical and plumbing location for your dream layout. Add a powder room, a media center, even a kitchenette, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

All our steel buildings are easily climate controlled with a forced air furnace, HVAC system, or even a wood burning stove and a portable air conditioner. This means you can enjoy your personal oasis all year!

2. Playhouse

Is your house the one that all the kids congregate at? Sounds like you need a playhouse! Not only will you know where your kids (and probably the rest of the neighbourhood) are, you can rest easy knowing that they are safe in a structure that has been engineered to withstand the elements as well as industrial levels of wear.

Our steel buildings can grow with your kids as well, with the ability to add electric service, plumbing and HVAC for a fully self-sufficient sleepover space or gaming room. Let your kids’ imagination run wild and help you with the design of a custom metal building, or customize it yourself with loft spaces, a restroom, and of course, tons of storage.

3. A Home Theatre

Creating the ultimate family movie night experience is easy with Pioneer Steel buildings. Create your own private cinema in your back yard to use all year round!

Every Pioneer Steel building has been engineered with our clear-span trussless design. This means that electrical outlets, surround sound, and even HVAC can be fully customized to meet your needs.

Any of our buildings would make a great movie theatre, depending on your preference for size and design. Alternatively, you can contact one of our dealers who will help you design the custom building of your dreams.

4. Home Gym

Save yourself the monthly membership fee with a custom-built home gym. Pioneer Steel buildings make great gyms for anyone from a yoga instructor to a professional body builder.

All our buildings are designed with completely open floor plans for 100% usable space. You can even adjust the sidewall height to increase overhead clearance, ideal for cable machines or a rock-climbing wall.

Plumbing, climate control, and electrical can be installed according to your needs since there aren’t any studs or trusses to work around. Imagine having a built-in sauna, steam room, and shower contained within your home gym. With Pioneer Steel buildings, your imagination is the only limit.

5. Studio Space

Let your creativity take over with a custom-built studio space from Pioneer Steel. Whether you’re a graphic artist, musician, or expert at throwing clay, we have the solution that will keep you constantly inspired.

Our metal buildings boast 100% useable space and are both fire resistant and waterproof to accommodate almost any hobby. Galvalume Plus™ panels are rated to withstand up to 600°F without discolouration and will withstand 40 years in the elements without corrosion.

Since you don’t have to contend with structural supports, Pioneer Steel buildings are perfect for creative storage solutions for anything from sheet metal to sewing supplies. Adding a room or a loft is easy as well, just frame it and clad it, and add your doors and stairs!