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Our Buildings

Limited only by your imagination!

Pioneer Steel buildings are based on a standard sized panel width and length (approximately 2’ x 10’). How you put them together depends on you. Creating custom shapes and sizes is easy. Superior engineering will help you achieve the results quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum of labor. All the buildings are clear span; expansion and custom fitting will really depend on your specifications and needs.

Some other designs to consider

Open Sided

A single radius, partial arch structure, clear span with structural frame supports on open side. Standard sizes range from 19' wide to 50' wide with open side clearances of 8', 10', 12', 14', 16' and varying bay spacings.

Roof Systems

A single radius clear span low profile arch structure designed to act as a roof system utilizing conventional wall designs as sidewall support. Standard sizes range from 30' wide to 90' wide with heights in the 10' to 30' region.

Multiple Arch Spans

A series of single radius arch structures sharing a common structural support system as an interior wall. Standard sizes range from 30' to 70' wide for each individual span, joined side by side in any number of combinations from double span to triple span and upward.

Conveyor Covers

Either single radius or multiple radius clear span arch structures designed to cover standard single or double conveyors and acting as a gallery. Standard sizes range from 10' wide to 30' wide with heights and sidewall clearances to accommodate any combination of conveyor and walkway systems.

more structure types and uses


Pioneer has a wide variety of metal accessories available for every model of steel building. From ventilators and skylights that provide air and light, to a wide selection of doors that make access to your Pioneer building simple. Additionally, the conveniences of pre-drilled base plates, self-adhesive caulking strips and our easy-to-install insulation pins—all make building with Pioneer durable, economical and incredibly easy.


baseplatesPioneer baseplates make building simple and economical with surprising do-it-yourself (DIY) ease. These pre-drilled template-system plates are available in either the standard “U Channel” or our special maintenance-free Industrial Quality model. Whichever baseplate option you decide on will depend on your foundation requirements but each is designed to work with existing foundations (no excavation should be necessary), keeping easy, long-term relocation in mind.



caulkingThis ‘optional’ feature – the Pioneer self-adhesive, wax-backed Caulking Strip – is made of high quality Butyl Rubber that maintains its consistency in a wide range of temperatures. So easy to apply, these long-lasting strips provide the ultimate in additional protection against the elements and provide guaranteed peace of mind.


boltAssembly is easy. Pioneer Steel buildings are assembled using one size of bolt throughout construction.

Pioneer Steel bolts are durable. Pioneer Steel uses only exclusive Leland JS1000™ plated Bolts that meets and exceeds 1,000 hours of salt spray testing! These bolts have an extremely powerful corrosion resistant coating that maximizes the life of our bolts over anything else commonly available on the market today and are self healing after scratching. The JS1000 is totally compatible with Aluminum (no Galvanic reaction), as well as other metals used in construction.

Pioneer Steel bolts withstand 1500-hour Corrosion Test. All Pioneer steel buildings come with the standard 1000-hour Corrosion Test Bolts, but for those areas such as coastal areas and situations where even better protection from corrosion is an asset, we also have available 1500-hour Corrosion Test Bolts, providing you additional comfort and security, knowing that your steel building is even more storm-resistant and protected from the elements.

Bolt corrosion resistant coating is non-toxic. The JS1000 coating process is non-toxic. In fact, the JS1000 bolt has been FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and can be used with food products. In addition, the coating is hexavalent chromium free and R.O.H.S compliant. Both the United States and European countries demand that all plating meet this important regulation that restricts specific dangerous substances.

Service Doors

service doorPioneer Steel offers a wide variety of ready-made doors including Sliding, Hangar, Sectional, Overhead and the convenient 4x7 Service Door. Our doors are built to your particular specs, or you could just use a frame and install your favorite custom door.


ventilatorPioneer recognizes the need for proper ventilation in every steel building. Our specifically designed ventilators fit easily and snugly into your steel building structure, keeping out moisture, birds and other ‘unwanted tenants’. Available in our low-wind driven Turbo Vent or the fixed Gravity Vent models.


skylightAvailable in any colour you like to suit your tastes, these long-lasting, heavyweight fiberglass skylights provide a good 20 sq ft of natural light per panel. Manufactured in 12, 16 and 24 oz weights.

Sliding Doors

door options

overhead door

  1. Metal is G-90 galvanized and features a one mil thick PPG paint finish to prevent rust and corrosion
  2. Built-in thermal break inhibits thermal transmission across the panel
  3. Urethane foam is Class I fire rated. Over 95% of the polyurethane cells are closed, making the foam impermeable to water, while also maintaining a high R-value over a long time period
  4. Built-in hinge plates are 3-3/4" wide and are continuous top to bottom. This permits usage of standard hinges, provides structural strength and allows the panel to be cut to custom lengths
  5. Gasketed tongue-and-groove joint design prevents air and water infiltration through the joint


pinsThis is the ultimate tool for the do-it-yourselfer enthusiast. These easy-to-attach ‘pins’ screw right on to the building bolts to help attach either fiberglass or rigid type insulation to the steel structure – making insulating your Pioneer steel building against the environment a cinch.